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The Hottest Houseplants For Summer 2017 Are???

I am heading back to Ireland in less than a week and I am sooooo excited! Ireland is amazing for greenery and scenery(see how that rhymed)…But we have one small issue in the Summer… The weather!!! We get a sunny day here and there and sometimes have no option but to stay inside,,, Now don’t get me wrong I do think we are quite good for still venturing out in the wind and rain…But sometimes it’s just like…hmmm no, thank you!!.

So how do we keep that outdoor summer feeling with the wind roaring at you from outside…WELL remember that lovely blog I did a few weeks back on 2017’s Interior Design trends? One of the biggest trends for 2017 is houseplants and tropical ones at that are huge!! So for us Irish, this is great, not just for the summer but all year round :)

For 2017 it’s all about bringing the outdoors inside, we have already seen and explored this with Pantone colour of the year Greenery, therefore, it is not a surprise that houseplants are on the way up. There is a growing trend to spend more time outdoors and with nature. But many people spend quite a lot of time inside due to both lifestyle and as mentioned above in Ireland the weather has a big impact! Because of this plants are now finding a special place in our apartments and homes…cute!!!

This year you will see a rise in not just any plants but more so Tropic plants, which is soooo perfect for summer! Who cares if all your friends are on holidays or the temperamental Irish weather is acting up! Add exotic plants make a mimosa and switch the summer feeling up a notch!!!

Below I have listed the hottest houseplants for summer 2017. Hmmm also if you are anything like myself and have a track record of killing plants! don’t worry I have also looked into what level of care these green visions need… :)


#1. The ‘it’ Plant of 2017…yes, I did just say that!!! 

PHOTO: Courtesy of kuthranieri

Yes yes yes,,, I can guess that many of you are like,,, Did you actually just say the ‘it’ plant…..Yes, I did But hold on just one second the New York Times said it first soooo… I feel lit’s its okay

Now getting back to our plant talk…I have always been a major fan of Fig Plants. They are relatively low maintenance and OH MY GOD they are so pretty! The Fiddle Fig plant has graced the pages of many top interior design magazines in 2016 but this year its close relative the Weeping Fig is set to muscle in as the plant of 2017…well in the design world anyways. Unlike the Fiddle Fid, The Weeping Fig or Ficus Benjamina needs a lot less love to survive(Thank God)… and for this reason, it is set to take over interiors this year. It has an elegant trunk and subtle downward-facing leaves that slightly look like a mini tree in your home! Definitely the ideal overhaul for that empty corner of your room.

#2. Tropical Tastes

PHOTO: Courtesy of homepolish

There was actually a big trend for tropical plants in 2016 but it was very subtle with delicate plants. But this year we are going to see it bigger and bolder in interior design. If you are looking for an ultimate tropical look in you interior Birds of Paradise is for you! They do prefer sunny and bright conditions and are quite a bit of maintenance…be prepared to water the plant differently during different periods and the soil needs to be kept damp. So unfortunately for me, this tropical loveliness is a no go… But for those of you with a green thumb, I say go for it! The plant has banana leaf style leaves that can add great colour to an interior and it most certainly makes you think of being poolside in some exotic part of the globe…Love it!

#3 The Healing Plant! 

PHOTO: Courtesy of thoughtfulmisfit

So last year cacti were everywhere and they are still popping up as a trend right now. But that is soon to change. This year say, Hello Aloe! Aloe Vera has become a major favourite for designers with its understated elegance and they grow to the size of the pot they are housed in, which lead to many fun design ideas! For us plant murders they are perfect! They are extremely undemanding you just need to locate it in an area with a bit of light/sun and it needs very little watering. Who knew the plant hailing from the dessert would suit an Irish gal soo much! Not only is this a beautiful plant and a great way to add a bit of greenery to your home it is a miracle working for burns and scars, it actually producing a healing gel…  see its amazing… Low maintenance, and has healing need one!

#4 Bring the Mediterranean to your home! 

PHOTO: Courtesy of stylizimoblog & lottasultan

At first, I was totally surprised when I found out you can grow an olive tree inside. Then once I started looking I am seeing them everywhere! Houseplant styling has been leaning towards the larger plants for quite some time now and that is not about to change. The olive tree with its clean and sage-colored foliage is the first choice for design lovers. It works beautifully in both modern and traditional interiors, They offer a certain sense of sophistication to a space. Now it may not be tropical but you can’t get more of a Mediterranean feeling in you home! I just think vineyards, Tuscany and lazing in the sun with a glass of wine with one of these chic beauties, by my side. This is a low-maintained plant but it requires 6hours of sunlight. So a south facing window is ideal. And don’t expect many olives though, they rarely flower indoors.

As always if you like the blog or have any tips on which plants would work best for Summer 2017, leave a  comment below xx

Lots of love from Style So Simple Irelands First Online Interior Design platform xx

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