Everything You Need To Know About IKEA’s New 2018 Collection.

I promised I would do a blog on IKEA’S new products once they arrived in stores, and as of the 15th of this month, they are here and I am loving them. So, I have gone through them with a fine-tooth comb and listed my favourite IKEA products from the 2018 collection. This year’s collection is all about living with the theme of “making room for life”. Love it! IKEA has also said on the latest collection that ”Regardless of wallet size or living space, 2018 is about enabling you to make more room for the things you love in your life”. They are pulling at the designer in me and my heart strings here. I’m a sucker, I know!

I can’t help but LOVE this new theme and overall attitude to design. This to me as a designer is what designing is about. Embracing the “you” in your home. What do you want your home to be? What do you want to do in your home and make room for? IKEA have broken it down to make room for life….Cute overload – LOVE it!

 So would you like a sitting room with all the comforts of a bedroom, just in case you get that second or third guest? Or, are you looking to say goodbye to that bathroom gloom and ‘make more room for pampering? IKEA are now giving great inspo and products to suit these needs. I for one love making spaces multi functional and also live in a teeny tiny apartment so for me, this is EVERYTHING!!.

What about you? Loving or loathing this new collection? Let me know your thoughts below.

The Dining Room:

What IKEA want’s customers to experience from the collection “Sharing a meal is the ideal time for people to truly connect. Everyday family bonding, a feast for friends, a date night dinner” i.e. variety. Dine how you want to dine.  

Style So Simple Favourites:

1: The drop-leaf table from the INGATORP collection, perfect for smaller spaces. 

Click here for full product description and prices.

2: Love the new TILLAGD & FÄRGRIK collections they are the perfect way to finish off any dining table. 

Click here & here for full product description and prices.

The living room:

Some say the kitchen is the heart to your home others say it is the living room. IKEA says “The living room is the place where life happens”. From afternoon naps and movie nights to festive gatherings with your favorite people”. I love this and it is so true for myself and my boyfriend at least. If we have friends over it does usually end up in the living room, not at the dining table. IKEA has creatively designed their living room collection with the idea of zoning out the interior which basically means having separate areas in the living room to have more than one function for the space. Now, this does not mean you need a large table in the living room to have a meal with friends. It could be the MARYD table tray that can be used for a side table, small table for eating or just a décor piece. Guys, this is very very smart on IKEA’S part. What they are actually doing here is giving you, the customer, all the tools you need to design your home with interior designer guideline. Eeekkkk! They could be kicking me out of a job!! Lol.  

Style So Simple Favourites:

1: VALLENTUNA modular sofa series with hidden storage and pull out bed options. 

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2:  The gateleg table from the NORDEN collection, can be used as a desk, for dining and storage. Amazing! 

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The bedroom: