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Designer Tips and Tricks: How to create a great designed living room not just a good one.

How do you elevate your living room from good to great? Do you need to buy new furniture and decor.. and basically change the whole thing….Nope :)

Most people do have all the items they want in there living rooms and sometimes one or two many (like myself) But what stands between a “good” living room and a “great” one?

How do we really finish this space off and make it a great one? This blog is not going to give you an itemised list of furniture needed for your interior. I am going to show you 3 simple trick’s I use when designing and styling for clients. We are going to look at the subtle qualities that separate the good living rooms from the great ones!    

1: Layout And Arrangement:

PHOTO: Courtesy of Designismine

The seating arrangement in a living room is the heart of this space. Never allow a single piece of furniture to be the main focus in a living room. You want the seating area to be arranged to encourage conversation between people and allow the whole seating arrangement to be the overall focal point.  

2: Strategic Styling:

PHOTO: Courtesy of Westelm

I know it can be sooo hard to say goodbye to décor items that have mounted over the years. Or even just over the summer sales :) .. But guess what…You do not have too, but you do need to style these pieces strategically. It never looks good to have all your décor lined up straight above the fire mantel or on shelving. So what to do? Remember I mentioned the ‘Rule Of Threes’ for styling a bedside table? Well, this also goes for styling in our living rooms. This really is one of the key factors that will distinguish a great living room fromjust a good one.  

3: And Above All:

PHOTO: Courtesy of Journelles

The last thing you want or anyone coming to your home wants is to step into a design catalogue. Your living room is your own and it should express that proudly. All the little quirky décor and that armchair you have dragged from every rental is all you and should be displayed proudly. Once you arrange and style these pieces with the above design principles those individual pieces will fit into the interior and not overtake it. These are after all the pieces that will make the interior feel cozy, welcoming and special.  

So guys that is it,,, I hope you enjoyed the post and find it helpful, Have a great weekend. xx

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