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8 IKEA Products Interior Designers Swear By

Personally, I have a love/ hate relationship with IKEA. I kind of think most people feel this way. The prices are amazing and the Swedish giant always offers a furniture collection that is both classic and on trend. But the whole IKEA trip can be draining and time seriously confusing.

So to save you time and your sanity I have devised a list of the 8 pieces every interior designer swears by. So that next time you are in IKEA you can pick, purchase and leave FAST!!! You are so welcome..

#1 MALM bed frame

Image Credit: EyeSwoon

This bed has been used in soo many high-end interiors by both designers and décor lovers alike,.Why? Simply put it is an unbelievable design. It’s simple, clean-lined and the price is not too bad either. The MALM bed frame looks great just off the shelves or if you are a bit of a DIY junkie like myself.  The hacks for this pieces are endless. Look out for my IKEA HACKS blog next week where I will go through my favourite hacks for the Malm bed next week…


Image Credit: Emily Henderson

Okay so this is a bit more pricey, well for IKEA standards, but this black and white striped rug has been a long term fave of mine and also a major player for Interior Designer Emily Henderson. (I have a slight girl crush on her) But anyways in her own words. ‘We have used it over and over, and because of the simple pattern and black-and-white palette, it is totally timeless and can be used with so many different styles.” — Emily Henderson, director, Emily Henderson…if its good enough for Ms Henderson it’s most certainly good enough for me ..

#3 BILLY bookcase

Image Credit: IKEA

I will always be a fan of the BILLY, it understated simplicity works in most interiors. This bookcase is over 7years old and still a firm favourite and best seller in IKEA. But why? Mat Sanders, co-founder and creative director of Consort Design in Los Angeles puts it best  “A great room should be mixed with new and pieces having a variety of price ranges to achieve a layered, well-rounded personality in the space. When used tastefully, the Billy can feel very upscale.”… The BILLY is also amazing when some personal touches are added. I will show you my favourite hacks for this piece next week.

#4 DOCKSTA table

Image Credit: Emily Henderson

Eero Saarinen designer for Knoll needs full credit for the beautiful Docksta Table. The IKEA Docksta table is a very obvious replica of Saarinens famous Tulip Table. So us lucky designer junkies get the tables at a much more affordable price…I am talking a lot more affordable. The Tulip table will set you back at least €2000!…Glup…Anyways I’m obsessed with the sleek look of Ikea’s Docksta Table. Its works brilliantly in both modern spaces and also mixed in with traditional pieces for a more contrasting space. Personally, I like to pair it with an assembly of different chair styles…resulting in an uncomplicated and chic space.

#5 HEMNES dresser

Image Credit: IKEA

Even the name HEMNES sounds chic, but it is not just the aesthetics of this dresser that make it a popular pick with Interior Designers it is the Hemnes versatility. The dresser comes in a 2-drawer, 6-drawer  and even 8-drawer model, as well as multiple colours. So it can be accommodated for most spaces. Simple hack! Change the knobs to make it a unique piece.

#6 RAST 3-drawer chest

Image Credit: Coco Kelley & IKEA

I love the Ikea RAST. The price point is just amazing and you can have so much fun painting and make the piece really your own. You can use this piece as a chest in your living room or entryway, a bedside table or even a spontaneous bar cart. I will go into detail next week showing some great hacks for the Rast Drawer Chest. Defiantly a DIY lovers have to have.


Image Credit: The Glitter Guide

The LERBERG/LINNMON desk can definitely be overlooked at first glance. But the simple white lacquer table top paired with the trestle legs. Make for a very effortlessly cool design. This table is also a great one to add some personal touches too. I will show you next week how to make this simple table the perfect designer’s desk next week in my IKEA HACKS blog.

#8 TOBIAS chair

Image Credit: Simple Details Blog

So last but not least The TOBIAS chair. This design can be seen everywhere from Elle Decor to hundreds of Interior Design blogs. This is a huge fave of mine, I have even purchased one myself for my office, The price point is modest and the sleek design is a must have for a glam office or vanity area. The chair also looks great in dining rooms. Style tip: Add a sheepskin throw for an extra bit of glam.    

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