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6 Easy Ways to Make Your Living Room More Luxurious Today

Updated: Aug 16, 2018

If you suffer from major home interior design envy every time you open up Instagram or Pinterest…I get you…and if you are not ready to take on a whole task of completely changing your home then what can you do? It can be really hard to figure out what the little tricks that designers use when styling a space…

Image Source: Homepolish

but I am going to tell you.. This is a blog post that is not just for homeowners but also a great one for renters. Being a renter myself I know you definitely do not want to put in too much time or money into a space. I totally understand that! But making a few simple changes it can create all the difference to your space!!!  

#1 – Neutrals are your friend

Image Source: Savvy Home Blog

Okay, so this isn’t one you could do today unless you’ve already got the paint and brush. Renters will most likely not want to take on this task (unless you have an amazing landlord that will pay for it), but I felt like it was important to mention. If you don’t know your style or don’t want to have to re-paint with every season trend that comes your way… then keep them neutral!!! Not only are they always on trend, they feel clutter-free and calm. There is also a high end feel to white wash and neutral tones. If you opt for light and bright walls you will not only give yourself a chic and luxurious feel, you will also provide yourself with a blank canvas to always work with. So if next month the on-trend colour is yellow, you just have to pick up a few yellow cushions to keep up with the trend.  

#2 – Style it simple

Image Source: Amber Interiors

So what was it miss Coco Chanel always said? ‘Take one thing off’. This maybe for our outfit, but the same applies for interiors. It is very rare to find a luxurious home with too much furniture and knick-knacks. Over – accessorising is one of the biggest red flags I come across with my clients. Yes, a few accessories are nice to have but there is a thin line that can make a space go from chic to disorganised and messy. A simplified space actually helps to create a calm and more relaxing interior. With that being said try to keep only the accessories that you really love in your interior. So all together now “less is more”.

#3 – Give Your Sofa A Makeover

Image Source: Desire to Inspire

Okay, this is a great quick and easy fixer upper! We have all had that sofa that was either there when you rented the house/apartment or the sofa you bought for way too much money and damn it you’re getting the wear outta it! I get you... This is the Ugly sofa. The Ugly sofa will instantly eliminate any luxurious vibe you’re hoping to create. So what to do!? You can’t live with it, so you need to style it up a bit! Add throws or even a large sheet and a few cushions. This sounds messy but trust me it works! I am currently at war with my yellow (yes yellow!) sofa from my new rental and my God that sofa is getting covered. Anyways, try to keep the throws and cushions to a similar colour. This will but your sofa to the back of the interior, aka it, will not be the first thing your eye is drawn to when entering a room.   Bye bye Ugly sofa, I will not miss you!!!  

#4 – Change the tone, change the lighting

1 – MÖLNDAL pendant, Price €16,    2 – KRUSNING pendant, Price €10,    3 – KRISTALLER chandelier, Price €45,    4 – VINDKÅRE copper-colour pendant, Price €34.

If you’re a homeowner or a renter, a great way to instantly change any space is replacing those old outdated shades. Go for a feature pendant or chandelier for a chicer and classy look. And the cost? Again this is an area where you can keep the spending relatively low. I have added a few options above all under €50 and currently in IKEA…Dooo it!!! Shhooopp!!!

#5 –Illuminate with mirrors

Image Source: Style and Minimalism

Mirrors are one of my faves to work within a space… Not only do they give an illusion of space, they make your walls look so much more high-end. Dramatic, oversized mirrors (whether they are hung on the wall or propped up against it) are so on-trend at the moment. This is also a practical way to decorate no matter what your budget is. If you are conscious about the budget have a look at some pre-loved mirrors for sale. and are always my go to.  

#6 – Décor with flowers

Image Source: FACTEUR PR

Last but not least – flowers!!! Nothing says luxury like a beautiful bouquet or flowers. They are simple, budget friendly and having Miss Mother Nature around you is also great for your mood!!! You don’t need to go all out and have a new bouquet ever week. Houseplants or even freshly picked flowers will instantly elevate your living area.

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