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10 Different Ways To Style Your Bedside Table

The bedside table often gets forgotten when designing our homes. It usually ends up as a storing space for books that you definitely will get around to reading, one or two empty glasses, headphones, chargers the list goes on. Okay, this is actually a description of my bedside table just a few days ago…I hang my head in shame.

There are a few styling tricks that I am very good at practicing when designing client’s homes except not my own. Because that makes sense, right? Anyway, I was so sick of looking at my disorganized mess of a bedside table that I popped into the city to purchase some presents for the little table and rearrange it into an elegant focal point in my bedroom and now we are friends again

Usually, most of my designs are done by eye taking into account themes and a clients personal style. Nevertheless, there are always a few styling tricks or rules (I hate using that word in design, but you get what I mean).

Today I am going to share with you 10 different ways to style your bedside table that will instantly transform that little table into a design focal point to be proud of.

Enjoy xx

1: The Rule Of Three’s

PHOTO: Courtesy of blog.westelm

Okay so the ‘Rule of Three’s’ That word rule again, I know, but it does work and it will stand to your advantage when decorating any area of your home so please let me explain. Okay, the rule of threes is a very simple style guideline of arranging in odd numbers. An Odd number is more appealing to the eye and therefore will attract your gaze. Personally, I go back to the ‘rule of threes’ when areas just feel off and don’t seem to work or look right. You know what I mean. That space that has all the right pieces but it still doesn’t look right. By simply arranging your items in odd numbers it instantly creates a harmonious balance. For side tables, I suggested using three objects of varying heights. By using different heights you are again creating a balance that is memorable and more appealing to the eye. This might be a little hard to understand for the first time so I have added a link here by Apartment Therapy that explains in detail why you should know this rule and how to execute it perfectly. They actually call it the ‘Guideline of Threes’ ahhh love them!  

2: Neutral and Minimal

PHOTO: Courtesy of homeyohmy

Okay so let’s get back to the fun stuff…Style! If you are a more Neutral and minimal type of gal or guy, flair it up with more organic décor and a simple bedside lamp. As you can see from the image above the rule of odd numbers and the varying heights has also been used in this styling technique.

3: A Bit More Glam

PHOTO: Courtesy of designsponge

Why not create a little Pampering oasis right beside your bed? I love this idea of using your bedside table to double up as a vanity. Such a cute idea and it is lovely in larger rooms and great for smaller bedrooms that can’t fit both a bedside table and makeup vanity. Just imagine rolling out of bed and landing right in your makeup chair. Ah! The ultimate divas dream come true. :)

4: Colour Coding

PHOTO: Courtesy of oheightohnine

Go for a complementary colour scheme and keep your colour way in sync on both the side table, bedding, and wall décor. Try to keep the items still individual. Think to tone and complimenting not the exact same. Like the image below, we have a nice use of both texture, style, and colour all relating back and complimenting the primary blue but not mirroring it.  

5: Creative Lighting:

PHOTO: Courtesy of Shanademcallisterfisher

Try something a bit trendier and eclectic than the traditional table lamp. A drop cage light adds an extra design aptitude to the interior and it will also free up your table space. Win win!!  

6: Always Bring The Outside In:

PHOTO: Courtesy of glitterinclexi

Yup we are back here again fresh flowers and plants. Add an organic and fresh vibe to your bedroom is a fab addition and in my opinion, a must have. Not only will the flowers be a great source of colour they are also soooo lovely to wake up to!

7: Frame It:

PHOTO: Courtesy of Theeverygirl

Now, I love a good frame wall. They are by far the easiest way to add colour and personal touches to any interior. People often leave the wall space by a bedside table empty. But why? Adding frames here is such a good look. It instantly shows you have a creative streak and it adds an interesting balance to the bed wall. This is a great one if you feel you bed wall is a bit bare and do not have a headboard or shelving above your bed.  

PHOTO: Courtesy of Thelovelydrawer

Renters tip: If you rent or don’t want to put holes in your walls, lean artwork against the wall. This looks great displayed on top of the nightstand.  

8: Reflect It Up A Bit:

PHOTO: Courtesy of Bhg

Again, why keep this area cold and bare? Adding a mirror will not only elevate your bedroom style to the next level it will also add brightness to the interior.  

9: Go Vertical:

PHOTO: Courtesy of mochacasa

If you are looking to utilize your space or you just want something a little different from the norm in your bedroom. Don’t go for a bedside table go for floating shelves. There are so many fun ways to style this. Carry the shelves up the wall to utilize your space (great for smaller interiors). This is going to give you a unique design feature and also provide you with extra storage or an area to display more décor in your interior.  

10: Let’s Not Be So Matchy Matchy:

PHOTO: Courtesy of delightbydesign

This is one for the more eclectic stylers although this also works on the more traditional interiors too. Bedside tables do not need to match. In fact having too many furniture pieces matching in an interior looks far more store bought then design thought (That rhymes and I actually came up with that myself!) lol! There are different tricks when selecting your side tables depending on what look you are going for. Have a look at my tips below x

  • If your bedroom has a set theme and you want the nightstands to reflect this, then pick tables that have similar size and roughly reflects the same theme. This will make them look a lot more cohesive even if they have a completely different finish.

  • If you what to select tables that are completely different shape and size than just try to have them finished in a similar hue. This will again make them complement each other.

  • Finally, if you are like a major vintage or eclectic styler and do not want too much matching going on in your bedroom (First of all, love you! And second, let’s make sure to have the tables still work in harmony together). You can do this by adding just one design element on each table that is matching. This will connect the tables without making them a mirror copy of each other. For example, adding photo frames that are the same on both sides or twin lamps like the image above.


I really hope you enjoyed this post and found some useful tips on styling. If you have any questions please leave me a comment below I would be delighted to help xx      

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