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How to select Wall Art for all Design Style with Style So Simple

Updated: Apr 8, 2020

How to select Wall Art for all Design Style with Style So Simple
How to select Wall Art for all Design Style with Style So Simple

Last week I received some fabulous wall art for my Desenio which I shared with you on Instagram. If you follow me on Instagram you may way of helped me select the Art with my 'Come Design with me' snippet on my stories... If so a huge thank you :) I will be uploading a little post about these next week. For now I am going to give you a quick run though on wall art for all design style's.

There is so much choice out there for art which is great but it can also be difficult to decide on that perfect piece your home. So I am going to help you with that selection. I will be giving you some tips on how to choose that perfect wall art suited to your individual style. So let's get rid of that large void in your interior, just find your design style below and see what is best suited for you. xx

Daring Eclectic

This is a favourite of mine, An Eclectic style is about bringing various style together while creating a cohesive look through colour, texture and/or shape. So it is a mix-match of everything that just works!!! Love it! Below are some of my fave suggestions. xx

Simply Scandi & Nordic

Okay, this is also a favourite of mine! Scandinavian style is very simple and minimal. Working with more texture than colour. For a Scandinavian inspired art piece look for monochrome prints, scenic views with minimal colour or geometric patterns...

Glam Fashionista

Fashionista prints are so much fun to work with. It is a relatively new concept in interiors and the best way I can describe it is very Parisian, elegant and always chic. You can go with soo many prints for this style. If you love a good Audrey Hepburn print or Edie Sedgwick, Go for it! Just imagine glam models really not giving a fudge (because super cool models always say fudge!) but still looking effortlessly chic... Like me on a Monday morning! Ahhh a girl can dream and if not I can get a Fashionista print to look at!

I have some of my favourites below including the fab Edie of course!

Rustic Vibes

So a Rustic style is casual with a mix of natural and ages pieces. Just think raw & unfinished elements like wood & stone. But how do we use this in our art selection? I got ya boo. When selecting rustic art go for earthy natural tones. This is also where you can add in some super cute animal shots! Love love LOVE...


For coastal interiors, I always think Hamptons or beaching interiors. Like a rustic style, you will see a lot of natural materials but more focused on ocean hues. For artwork, this is a great place to start. Ocean and beach prints are fab in any interior and perfect for a coastal vibe. Check out my suggestions below xx

Transitional & Subtle...

When people hear Transitional they are usually like 'eww no my taste is much more modern then this', but often people do not realise that Transitional is a mix of traditional elements with contemporary elements. This always creates an interior that is both comfortable and on-trend. You will see a lot of subtle hues like greys & minks that work great in most interiors. Perfect for filling that blank space without overtaking it. Below are some amazing Transitional art prints that I actually want myself :)

So guys that is my two cents on Wall Art for all Design Styles. I hope it has helped! Don't forget next Friday I am going to do a little post on my own wall art and where to buy the prints! See you then xxx

Style So Simple - Aoife xx

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