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Gallery Walls with Desenio...

Updated: Apr 27

Hello hello, little design blog,

My God once again its been an age, what can I say I have been demoted to casually blogger/full-time procrastinator! But I am back for a little gallery wall blog! Fun?

I can feel your excitement right here in Cork City like :) K Lets get into it :)

If you follow along on my little Instagram page you will know I am in the middle of revamping my living room and I am also giving lots of tips on frames and gallery walls. Now if you are a client of mine you know I suggest Desenio a lot, like a lot a lot :) So its only right when doing a gallery wall blog these guys are included :)

So today I am going to look into some prints from Desenio and a very handy little tool on their website that will help us in creating our gallery wall. Oh and of course the prints I got for my living room revamp :) I just want to show them off really :)



So for my living room, I went for soft watercolour prints with hints of blues. I leaned towards the blues as I have a fabulous rug that I just cannot part from. So I wanted to get prints that complemented this. I went for the largest prints Desenio have on their site :) Lol, I am a renter so prints are just the best way and easiest to add a pop to walls without annoying my landlord :)





Okay, so we have been chatting a lot on Instagram about different tips and tricks for creating your gallery wall. That is why I am soo excited to show you this gallery wall tool on Desenio! So I have tried it myself and it's just great! It helps you create your own bespoke gallery wall before purchasing... Yup, my mind was kinda blown when I figured this out too! So I have done a little video showing how to work this tool and added all the printed below for you to shop as well :)



Isn't that so cool! So I didn't get to use the tool before shopping for my own prints as I just didn't even realise it was there! But if any of you lovely design luvas do use it let me know how you get on. I'm so nosey I want to hear all the design details :) Also, the link to this tool is here :) Happy designing :)

Interested to see how our little living room ended up. Check out my living room revamp here.

So design lovelies, hope you got some handy gallery wall tips from this and have a fabulously stylish weekend xxx

Style So Simple - Aoife xx

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