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Decor Tips To Beat The Winter Blues

Updated: Jul 30, 2019

Heyyy everyone! So, I have had the blog basically on auto-pilot as of late. I left the design chat to all the lovely designers who have taken part in the 'Design Talk' series. Don't worry, 'Design Talk' will continue to happen every month. But you know what I have missed blogging myself :( :( So, I'm back to give my little blurb about design and style :D :D Excited much?! I can tell :) 

This week I'm gonna yap on about the winter blues (yes - it is a thing!). From feeling a little slow and low, being super sad that Christmas is over, the days are sooooo short and let's face it you're most likely broke from overspending in December! I ain't gonna sugarcoat it for you ladies and gentleman, the winter blues are here and the feeling is YUCK. Now, before you click off the blog because of all the doom and gloom, I'm about to get onto a positive note. I swear!

What can give you that little boost on these cold days? And I'm not talking about your vitamins and the typical January fitness regime. I'm talking about the simple products that can help lift your mood within your home from the minute you wake up giving you some much needed extra energy. Ohh yasss Style So Simple is going all out this week :) How we feel starts from the inside but it is hugely affected by our environment. Let's check out the 3 best design ideas to beat your winter blues.

#1. Lumie Bodyclock Shine 300: £125, Amazon

The dark days in winter play a huge huge role in the winter blues, so guys, you have to brighten up your interior. The Lumie Bodyclock has over 300 features...300 LIKE! This includes a ‘sunrise’ of between 15 and 90 minutes and sunrise and sunset colours. Cute! It is cleverly designed in a dome shape to diffuse the light all the way around your room.

More importantly though the Lumie is scientifically tested and recommended by SADA, the UK charity for SAD. This is the perfect addition to your bedroom to help you wake up, keep you focused, and feel energised.

Look & Feel:

#2. Semi-Sheer Belgian Flax Linen Melange Curtain £109.00 - £149.00

If you have worked with me or seen the Style So Simple portfolio you will already know I am all about the sheer curtains. Interiors in Ireland and the UK are heavy. Let's lighten them up, guys! When we do get some natural light in winter we need to embrace it! These semi-sheer curtains from West Elm will give you your privacy while letting the light in when it's about :) 

Look & Feel:

#3. Sofia 3 Seater Sofa, Plush Turmeric Velvet £999

So, I love a pop of colour! Who doesn't? I always feel happier when there is a splash of colour in a room and now there is research to back this theory up! Ohhh yeah! 99Designs found that warmer colours can evoke happiness, optimism, and energy. Well, my oh my. Check out the Plush Turmeric Velvet Sofa from MADE.COM. This warm mustard hue is sure to brighten your winter mood :) Now, if you are not in the market for a sofa, check out the B-E-A-UTIFUL Luxe Velvet Cushion in Jadite and Ochre from Harvey Norman. Love these! 

Look & Feel:

So, guys, that's the Style So Simple input on tackling the Winter Blues :) Any tips or tricks you have for this? Leave a comment and let me know xxxx

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