Cosy Conservatory Revamp

Hey Design Lovers! I hope you all had a lovely week and are excited for the weekend! It's my birthday next week so I am extra excited and hitting the town mañana! Dancing shoes on peeps!

But before I lose the run of myself I have gathered another little shop the look! I hope you love these as much as I do because I have a new one next week too and there set to keep coming ;) woohoo!!

This week I am going to focus on a conservatory project I completed last summer and just recently uploaded to the website.

For this 'Cosy Conservatory Revamp' the client was looking for something simple & bright to soften the existing dark floor and compliment the exterior views.

As the overall design scheme is working with a neutral palette this shopping scheme can easily be used in a living room too :)

So guys get reading and shopping!

Oh just for 100% clarity I do not have any affiliates with the stores I am suggesting today this is an insight look into a design scheme completed for a client and some of the products or similar products used in her home.




As we wanted to play a little on the exterior views we added in texture to the decor to give that outdoor feel. Bamboo or Rattan lanterns are faves of mine!

They are great for texture and as there are little voids in the design they do not take up too much of the visual space. So you can go a little bit larger without the item being too intrusive or taking over the interior.


Pair your larger lantern with two decor pieces at different heights for the best look. Why? Read on the find out...

Design Secret People:

So, guys, you know how some people always have their decor just on point? Like everything is just arranged in a mismatch but still looks beautiful and effortless?

Well, I can tell you 99% of the time these people are using the Rule of Three. Grouping accessories in threes is a tried and true decorating technique.


Simply odd-numbered groupings are more visual interest than even-numbered groupings. So when in doubt, follow the rule of three. - Groups of three and three different heights. :)

Now back to the design scheme. The client was a little bit at a loss on how to create a space that was cosy and inviting without being too much and taking away from the lovely natural greenery outside...

The original space was quite cold with the darker floor and mismatch of colour that just didn't work or do anything for the room.

So by working with a rustic style coffee table and side table with just hints of green, we linked the design to the outdoor colour scheme creating a more cohesive interior. The lovely cushions and sofa were key to softening the overall look with the use of rich finishes of velvets and velours in a warm minky grey hues.


So guys that is it! Happy shopping.. and if you have any questions on the above drop me a quick mail or leave a comment below xx

Style So Simple - Aoife xx